A New Way to Think about Value

Value-for-value is a monetization model, a content format, and a way of life. It is about freedom and openness, connection and free speech, sound money and censorship resistance. The largest success to date of applied V4V is Podcasting 2.0

4,128,735 creators indexed.
9,213 creators value-enabled.
V4V - A New Way to Think about Value

Monetization Model

Let’s get one thing out of the way: monetizing non-scarce information is difficult. The default m...

Content Format

There isn’t one content format when it comes to value-for-value. That being said, when it comes t...

Way of Life

Value-for-value is more than a monetization scheme; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a mindset of abundance...

The Numbers

Only ~4% of people give value back, and that’s okay. Some will give little, some will give a lot—...

The Ask

The Ask is the most important piece of the puzzle. The #1 reason why people do not give to charit...

The Feedback Loop

A more direct relationship with your audience, leading to a dynamic feedback loop of co-creation....

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Your time & attention are valuable. Spending them is valueable in and of itself.
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It doesn't have to be money. Whatever your skills, there are many ways to give back.
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Thanks to Lightning, monetary value can be exchanged instantly without friction.