No Censorship

Platforms and payment providers have the power to censor, a power that V4V removes. By cutting out the middlemen and allowing for self-sovereign hosting and monetization, the Value4Value model puts you and your audience in the center.

Financial Censorship

Depending on your circumstances, it might be difficult or impossible to receive funds via traditional means. Payment providers and banks are often forced to deplatform content creators for political reasons. Millions of people are unbanked in the first place, be it due to a lack of infrastructure or due to a lack of identity.

Luckily, bitcoin fixes this. It banks the unbanked and provides censorship resistance to those who need it most. Free speech and free value transfer are at the core of the V4V movement, which is why bitcoin is such an important piece to the puzzle.


Nobody likes to bite the hand that feeds them. This, unfortunately, leads to a chilling effect when it comes to discussing certain topics, depending on your source of income. You wouldn’t bad-mouth an advertiser of yours, would you? Well, most people would not, which is why advertisement, in the end, often leads to censorship.